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Fundamentally, athletes that attend the Phenom Baseball Academy will be better prepared for any challenges they will encounter later in life both on and off the field. Unlike other preparatory, youth or travel ball programs whose singular goal is often to win at all costs, our focus is on developing the student athlete across all dimensions – mentally, physically, skills, academically + socially - to prepare them for attending college, entering the workforce and excelling at increasing more competitive levels of play. Because our explicit goal is to assist each athlete in attaining a college education, we require that our players maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA. Although many of our athletes have gone on to follow their dreams playing professional baseball, we pride ourselves on the fact that we have played a formative role in all of our athletes as they become young men of character and integrity, and possess the tools needed to succeed in all facets of life.

Our program caters to 3 distinct levels - Youth, High School Prep, and College Prep - working with each group on the skills and requirements needed to attain the next level.

Visit our                                          to see some of the principles taught in our program.


When an athlete joins our program, they are usually quite amazed by the differences in our approach to the game and the resources that are now at their disposal. Our regional and corporate staff contains a broad range of coaches, trainers, and subject matter experts for all aspects of the game including mindset, nutrition, recruiting, academics, and of course playing baseball in a way that not only develops the individual player and teams in general, but also making each player a winner.

Key program components include:

  • Development Focus

  • Experienced Paid Coaches with unbiased and direct feedback (No “Daddyball”)

  • Performance (and Improvement) Tracking and Analysis

  • Reinforcing the importance of Academics

  • Understanding of what it takes to play at a higher level (NCAA Compliance,

    national exposure, strategic partners - showcases, recruiters, scouts, etc.)


  • The Phenom Way - Values/Playing the game right/Importance of Intangibles

  • Managing the Total Athlete - Academics, Strategy, Skills, Conditioning,

    Mindset, Nutrition, etc.)


  • Working to get all players to college using Commitments and Scholarships

  • Coaching of the Intangibles

  • Individual Attention (Skills, Strategy, Recruiting, Scouts, etc.)

  • Only Academy offering state-of-the-art Tech Tools (mobile apps, player websites) that track, analyze and report on player performance, compare to national benchmarks and use that data to scientifically drive player development

  • Weekend Tournament Play


Because of the size of our program, in many regions we can offer a complete range of age groups, often containing multiple teams, with varying levels of play, the pinnacle of which are our national Nike sponsored Signature teams. Players can move to higher teams as their skills progress.


Our program also includes the following for all players at all levels:

  • Group Practices (All Ages, Fundamentals/Reps, Coach/Player Ratio) as well as Individual Team Practices/Sessions

  • Unlimited professional Strength + Conditioning program designed for baseball players


Most organizations measure their success by the number of tournaments or titles they have won. And while winning
is important we find it tends to take care of itself if you focus on providing the individual athlete the resources, tools and training to build success. We also measure success through our results in the following:


By the Numbers - Our Program Comprises...

  13 states                 1,700+ teams

  15,000+ players     3,500+ coaches
  90% retention         99% of eligible players make HS team
  80% of eligible players play College baseball

Other Key Metrics -

  • Values/Quality/Effort shown by our players

  • Commitments, Scholarships, Draft opportunities
    received by our athletes

  • High caliber Advisory Board/“Friends” of Program

  • National Titles + Awards, USA/All American/Etc.

  • Media Recognition

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